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Can I get a divorce during COVID-19?


Even though things have been far from normal during these last three months, you can still get divorced in New Jersey. Just like businesses have had to adapt to these changing times, our State government has had to do the same.  Our Judiciary has been open during this pandemic and has been conducting most hearings virtually or telephonically.

What does that mean for those who would like to get divorced?  Family Court is ready for you.  If you and your spouse are able to settle your issues with the help of your attorneys or a mediator, you can be divorced without having to appear in Court, at all.  The New Jersey Judiciary now has a process where you can submit a signed agreement, an affidavit wherein you attest to freely entering into the agreement and consent to the Judge granting you a divorce.  The judge will read all the information submitted to him or her and grant the divorce based on your sworn statement.

If you and your spouse are not able to come to an agreement, it is a bit more complicated but still possible.  The court is still hearing motions, having case management conferences and conducting Early Settlement Panels, again virtually or telephonically.  The Court will even conduct a trial as long as both parties agree to a virtual trial where testimony is taken via Zoom or Microsoft Team.

What’s interesting about all these changes, is that the process to get divorced is not really taking any longer than it did before the quarantine, in most counties.  The family court in New Jersey has adapted quite nicely and people are still being helped. While no system is perfect, family court has worked hard at prioritizing emergent matters and assisting the public in a timely manner without personal contact.  Don’t be deterred from addressing your family law matters.  New Jersey courts are open for business!

At Thomas Roughneen & Associates, we can help you obtain a divorce, even during a pandemic! Here, at Thomas Roughneen & Associates, we can discuss the matter on the phone and/or virtually. For more information go to our website, www.citizensoldierlaw.com or call our office at 973-937-6040.

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