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New Jersey Family Lawyer

Family law is an area of practice that focuses on how statutes, case law, and other legal concepts apply to the personal relationships that exist between spouses, parents, children, and other relatives. There are the aspects of family law that bring people together, such as marriage and adoption; however, this niche also encompasses divorce, as well as the challenges and disputes that can arise between family members.

Based upon this general description, you can probably expect that you will face a family law issue at some point in your life. Because these matters impact such close personal relationships, it is important to have experienced legal counsel on your side when that time comes. You can count on our team at Citizen Soldier Law to protect your interests, so please contact our office to set up a consultation with a New Jersey family lawyer. Some background information on our legal services in family law may also be helpful.

Comprehensive Representation in Family Law Matters

Our lawyers are prepared to tackle the legal issues and challenges presented in connection with: 

  • Divorce: Depending on your unique circumstances, divorcing spouses will need to address property division and spousal support. Under New Jersey law, all marital assets must be distributed equitably between the parties, so the interests of fairness are more important than an exact 50-50 split. When appropriate, the court may grant one spouse alimony to provide support during the proceedings and after the final decree is entered.
  • Child Custody, Visitation, and Support: Whether these issues are raised in divorce proceedings or through a paternity action, both parents have rights and responsibilities regarding minor children. Custody and visitation must undergo assessment under the child’s best interests standard, while support is determined according to statutory guidelines.
  • Additional Legal Services: We can also handle paternity cases, adoptions, guardianships for minors and disabled adults, estate administration, and many other family law areas. 

How Our Lawyers Assist with Family Law Cases

With many family law issues, New Jersey law allows and even encourages the parties to agree. When you cannot resolve disputes via agreement, it is necessary to have a court make a determination. Our team at Citizen Soldier Law can help by:

  • Advocating on your behalf during settlement discussions;
  • Negotiating an agreement that protects your rights;
  • Preparing the necessary paperwork to enter an agreement in court; and,
  • Representing you in court for contested family law matters, including presenting evidence, examining and cross-examining witnesses, and arguing your position before the judge; and,
  • Completing any other tasks necessary to advance your interests.

Trust Your Matter to Our New Jersey Family Law Attorneys

As you can see, you can gain an advantage in a family law matter when you have a skilled lawyer to explain the relevant legal concepts and advise you based upon your unique situation. To learn more about how our firm supports active-duty military, veterans, and private citizens with family law issues, please contact Citizen Soldier Law. You can set up a consultation by calling our Madison, NJ office at 973.937.6010 or visiting us online.

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