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New Jersey Divorce Lawyer

It is not easy to face the realization that your marriage is irretrievably broken, especially when much of what you know about divorce in New Jersey is negative. While it is certainly true that the process can be anxiety-inducing and emotionally draining, not every case involves the costly, drawn-out court battle that you might expect. There are options and strategies to take the stress out of divorce, whether you can agree with your spouse or need a judge to determine certain disputes.

At Citizen Soldier Law, our attorneys have the experience necessary to protect your interests and help you achieve your goals in a divorce case. We have negotiations skills that prove advantageous in settlement negotiations, but we are ready to go to court to fight for your rights. Please contact us to schedule a consultation with a New Jersey divorce lawyer, and read on for an overview of the legal process. 

Primary Issues in Divorce Proceedings

Your unique circumstances will determine the specifics of the process, but divorcing spouses will likely face one or more of the three key issues in divorce: 

  1. Property Division: All assets acquired by the couple after the wedding date are subject to equitable distribution under New Jersey law. Note that this does not necessarily mean an equal, 50-50 split, as the point is to serve the interests of fairness in dividing property. You should also keep in mind that marital debts will also be divided up equitably.
  2. Alimony: When appropriate, a court may grant spousal support to one party in divorce. Whether you are paying or receiving alimony, there are several factors that weigh into the amount, type, and duration.
  3. Issues Related to Minor Children: Custody and visitation regarding minor children are an important part of the divorce process, and these issues are generally determined in accordance with the child’s best interests standard. The nonresidential parent may be required to pay child support, which is determined by statutory guidelines, parents’ incomes, and other factors. 

Count on Legal Support from Our Team

Divorcing couples are encouraged to reach an agreement on divorce-related issues, so it may be possible to resolve these matters without court involvement. However, when disputes remain, it is necessary for a court to make a determination after a hearing. Our lawyers at Citizen Soldier Law will tackle the legal tasks, including:

  • Negotiating an agreement on property division, alimony, and child custody and visitation;
  • Preparing the necessary documents to make your agreement an official court order; and,
  • Representing you in court for a hearing on contested issues. 

A New Jersey Divorce Attorney Will Guide You Through the Process

While this summary of New Jersey divorce laws may be useful, it should convince you of how important it is to retain skilled legal counsel to represent you. Our team at Citizen Soldier Law is knowledgeable in the relevant legal concepts, so we are prepared to advocate on behalf of active-duty military, veterans, and private citizens. For more information, please call 973.937.6010 or go online to set up an appointment.

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