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Greetings Sir.

Dear Mt Roughner,

Thank you very much for all you have done for me since the first time we met at MMU, two years ago. I only have good things to tell anyone about all your effort and dedication, you made this possible, all the way, even walking an extra mile and listening to my sorrows when that was absolutely not your responsibility or obligation more than a JAG or a counselor you become a friend, a truly one. It has been a long journey and regardless of the outcome, I am really grateful for having met you and had you by my side as a Judicial Adviser and a friend. Thank you for believing and helping me along this way, during all this difficult time.

My whole life was suddenly turned 180 degrees around, everything I had was lost in a short period of time. Such losses above and beyond my health issues included; the personal traumas of the tragic loss of family members, I lost three brothers in less than 4 years, legal issues and expenses with my ex-wife trying and succeeding in keeping my now 8-year-old son.

My health issues resulted in the loss of the job I loved and worked so hard to obtain as a Federal Technician within the DoD. I was sent home after my Health issues, deemed I was unfit for work. I was excluded from my Unit's deployment list to Kosovo.

I lost my car, my home, my health, my friends and my financial stability and since that incident this all trigged a chain reaction of events, that was life-changing and altering events, pushing me to a place where no good man should ever be. Yet from that place I could contemplate who was the ones standing by my side and supporting me, and among those was you Sir, helping me not only to pursue my rights, but reminding me to never give up, even when my anxiety levels reached places where I doubted my own mental health, in your words of wisdom and motivation your strong caring presence kept me strong and pushing ever forward.

My life indeed will never be the same due to the limitations of my current health issues. And with this in mind and choosing to move forward in my life, and in so accepting this fact, as I found that I could no longer afford to continue living in New Jersey, due to the costs of living, medical bills, and as a National Guard member I did not and do not have access to the VA Hospital, or any Medical Examinations, Medications, Testing or other such specialized Care or other Updates for my health, I have had to have it all be an out of pocket expenses, or through my personal health insurance, Thank God I have it from my Old Job with the DoD as a Federal Technician. Which still cost me over $300,00 per Month plus co-payments as applicable. Tricare does not accept me as I have the DoD insurance, and I am not considered as a wounded in Line Of Duty by the VA, even if the NJARNG

Have an awesome Day Sir, and Blessed be with the blessings of love, friendship, balance, health.

Thank you for ALL you have done for me, and feel free to tell anyone who you decide to do so, how hard was on my own personal path since we started this journey, and why one should never Give Up, you have my full permission to use me as an example. Blessed be You with the blessings of Wisdom, Knowledge and great achievements. Thank you again.



In 2004, I J.P., was facing charges of negligent homicide and dereliction of duty for failure to clear my 50 caliber weapon. The weapon was inside the cradle when a young sergeant first class, decided to tell my crew to download weapons will I was busy monitoring the radios. As I came up to clear them my Soldier was throwing them into the tank following the order of this young sergeant first class. The weapon wasn’t cleared and it hit the inside of the tank going off and killing a young and brilliant Soldier. I was given a lawyer that requested that I make a plea deal. After weeks of having this lawyer and telling him what happened downrange, I ask him to tell me about my case. He didn’t have a clue and I was supposed to appear in court in like a week or two. I happen to talk to this young and brilliant major name Roughneen. I told him about my case and he immediately began asking me questions that showed he was interested in helping me win this case. But he was only in Germany during the summer for a few weeks. When my trial date came later in October, I emailed him that I could only see myself in a striped prison uniform. I was able to request for him to be my lawyer. As soon as he showed up we worked on my case literally all night. He was hanging pieces of paper on the wall making sure he got every piece of detail. He requested to find a tank and we replayed the incident down to the exact detail on the tank. He has done more in one week to prepare for this case then my appointed lawyer did in the whole time he was with me. I knew that this Major was not just here to get a paycheck, that he was here cause he cared about me as a Soldier and really wanted to find out what happened. That is all I wanted was a chance to prove myself innocent. He gave me that chance; I was facing getting kicked out and 3 years or more and only ended up doing 5 months in jail and losing my rank. Because of him I also got to stay in the military getting paid on active duty while serving my time and I was discharged with a disability pension. Major Roughneen is a Soldier’s Soldier. He gave me his all plus 100 percent of his time and I am thankful for a lawyer like him. He actually cares about the Soldier and not just the money or just going along with the decision of higher-ranking officers. For all the Soldiers out there that need a strong-minded and smart lawyer attorney Roughneen is your man. For Soldiers out there with disabilities that are being unfairly treated and are in need of a great lawyer that will have your back and make sure that you are taken care of, attorney Roughneen is the best man for the job.


My name is K.M., and when I first met with Thomas Roughneen I was overwhelmed, emotional and scared because of the situation that I was in. Thomas was the only lawyer who immediately calmed my nerves and put my challenge into perspective. He was like a psychologist, helping me to think through my options and it gave me the confidence that my life in time would go back to normal as long as I followed a few simple steps. I left his office feeling confident that he had the intelligence, connections, and experience to help me. That feeling was invaluable, as it helped me take the necessary steps to start the healing process. I swear that God led me to him because he was an excellent combination of attorney, counselor, advocate, and friend, something that is often much needed when you feel that your world is falling apart.

His defense and case investigation was superior! I was very comfortable with the laymen language he used to keep me informed. Every step of the way he provided me with my options and case progress and took endless hours to make sure I completely understood everything and most of all that I was ok.

My positive experience with Thomas gives excellent reason to recommend him to anyone seeking assistance with any legal matter. He is beyond superior and I tell him every chance I get, “Tom saved my life in many ways.”


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