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Veteran & Military Medical & Physical Evaluation Boards Lawyer

Medical Evaluation Board (MEB), Physical Evaluation Board (PEB), and Veterans Administration Appeals

IDES/MEB/PEBs (Active Duty and Reserve Component – all branches) – Supplying legal advice to those who are injured, and still serving in our military, was the catalyst for founding this law firm in 2013.   We have been active duty and reserve JAG attorneys.  As such, we are competent to represent Active Duty and Reserve Component IDES for all branches, active and reserve and national guard.  Besides, all IDES decisions are processed in Title 10, active duty settings for both Medical Evaluation Boards and Physical Evaluation Informal and Formal Boards.

You received an injury or illness connected with your military service. If you are active-duty or in the Guard or Reserves, who determines if you can stay in the military in your current or a different occupation specialty or occupational classification. If you’re a veteran, can you count on the VA to come through with disability compensation? If you rely solely on the government to answer those questions for you, you might not be too happy with the result. Instead, talk to an experienced military lawyer with the knowledge and skill to answer your specific questions and give you the advice and assistance you need. Attorney Thomas Roughneen is a former Adjudicator with the Army Physical Evaluation Board, who was himself a Warrior in Transition who was Rehabilitated and Found Fit for Duty. Doctor Alice Tzeng, M.D., specializes in evaluating and treating injuries and diseases causing loss of function, disability and pain. At Citizen Soldier Law, you’ll get the advice and representation you need when dealing with medical and physical evaluation boards or veterans administration appeals. Learn more below and contact our office for help with military disability matters nationwide.

What is the difference between an MEB and a PEB?

When you have a long-term medical condition, a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) decides if you meet medical retention standards. If they think you don’t, the information gathered and conclusions reached by the MEB are forwarded to the Physician Evaluation Board (PEB), which makes a formal determination of your fitness for continued service or eligibility for disability compensation.

When is the MEB convened?

An MEB is convened after you have been treated by a physician and reached the Medial Retention Determination Point, when the doctor believes you may be unfit for duty because of your medical condition. At the MEB, a panel of physicians will evaluate your medical history and condition, document the extent of your injury or illness, and decide whether your condition is severe enough to impede your ability to serve.

We can help make sure all your documentation and medical information are properly put together before the MEB convenes so that your medical condition is presented accurately and in the best light.

What happens at the PEB?

The MEB determines whether or not a servicemember meets retention standards or should return to duty in a different military occupation specialty or classification. The MEB is an informal administrative board that determines whether the injury prevents continued military service.

The decision of the MEB is forward to a Physical Evaluation Board (PEB). In a formal proceeding, the PEB determines issues such as:

  • Fitness or unfitness for service
  • Eligibility for disability compensation
  • Disability codes and percentage rating
  • Whether or not the injury or illness is combat-related
  • The disposition of the case

You’ll have the opportunity to review and comment on the information referred to the PEB. It is crucial to your case to provide accurate, comprehensive medical information. As a former Adjudicator for the Army Physical Evaluation Board, attorney Thomas Roughneen and his staff at Citizen Soldier Law can help you pull together all relevant information and present it in a well-organized, compelling fashion. We’ll put your case before the PEB in the best light and argue on your behalf to get the result you are looking for.

A good PEB result may be returning to duty or retiring. A bad result at the PEB could lead to errors or injustices on your military records. In the event of a bad result, our firm pursues the appropriate enlisted or officer administrative actions before the Board of Correction of Military Records, Physical Disability Board of Review or other applicable body.

How do I go about getting disability benefits through the VA?

Obtaining compensation for a service-connected disability can be a lengthy and challenging process. This journey can take you through the VA Regional Office, Board of Veteran’s Appeals, and the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. It is even possible to pursue a claim into federal court, starting with the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and potentially ending in the United States Supreme Court. At Citizen Soldier Law, we use our skills and resources to help you achieve success in your claim and get your benefits sooner rather than later.

The quality of the medical evidence supporting your claim will make all the difference in whether you prevail in your VA appeal. Don’t count on the VA to advocate for benefits for you or invest in medical exams that prove your eligibility for benefits. We maintain a medical doctor and vocational rehabilitation expert on staff who specializes in evaluating and treating injuries and diseases related to disability, pain and loss of function. Whether you suffer from a physical or psychological injury or illness, we’ll gather the evidence necessary to present your case at the appropriate level with solid documentation and persuasive arguments.

Get the Help You Need and the Benefits You Deserve

For skilled, knowledgeable and effective representation before medical & physical evaluation boards or Veterans Administration appeals, call on Citizen Soldier Law anytime at 973-937-6010. We are a veteran-owned and operated law firm serving active-duty military and veterans nationwide.

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