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Category Archives: Military Administrative Law


Misconduct Allegations: Preserve Your Sacrifices as a Reserve Troop

By Citizen Soldier Law |

Protect your career and what to do if you are a suspect On three occasions, different whack jobs made spurious allegations against me.  Each time I was cleared.  Each time, I retained experienced counsel.  None were related to sexual harassment, I will add.  However, allegations of sexual misconduct are on the rise throughout our… Read More »

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Do I Need a Lawyer for an Article 15 Hearing?

By Citizen Soldier Law |

Article  15 UCMJ, otherwise known as non-judicial punishment (NJP) provides for a commander to take action against you for a  minor infractions or misconduct. No matter what branch of the military you are in, it’s understandable to be worried and anxious if there is a pending adverse action against you. While Article 15 is… Read More »

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