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Dangers Of A Do-It-Yourself Divorce


While you can complete various projects without expert help, thanks to the internet, some things can have serious repercussions if you try to do them without professional help. An example is handling your legal matters alone. Specifically, trying a do-it-yourself (DIY) divorce is often not wise.

Indeed, because of how much it can cost to get a divorce, it is understandable why some people would consider a DIY divorce. However, rarely is it worth the risk. Getting a DIY divorce might seem like a quick and effective option, but the truth is that there are many dangers of a do-it-yourself divorce.

Dangers of a Do-it-Yourself Divorce

While you are not legally required to work with a divorce attorney in New Jersey, it is recommended. Handling your divorce alone comes with many risks. The following are some of the dangers of a do-it-yourself divorce;

Making Uninformed Decisions

When you handle your divorce independently, you miss out on all the crucial guidance from a well-informed divorce attorney. Without proper legal advice from a skilled attorney, you may end up making uninformed decisions that cost you in the end. For example, you may make uninformed decisions regarding property division or alimony.

Potential Mistakes

By handling your own divorce, you risk making a variety of mistakes. For example, you could miss a deadline. You could also unknowingly waive your rights. For instance, you could unknowingly waive your right to alimony. A qualified divorce attorney can ensure you avoid mistakes during the divorce process.

Problems Establishing Residency Requirements

To file for a New Jersey divorce, one or both spouses must have been a resident of NJ for at least a year prior to filing. The only exception to this requirement is when the ground for divorce is adultery. A do-it-yourself divorce may result in you overlooking the one-year residency requirement or failing to address it properly. Unfortunately, if you overlook the residency requirement or fail to address it well, your divorce case could be delayed or even dismissed.

Can Be More Expensive

Many people opt to handle their divorces alone to save money. But the truth is that handling your divorce on your own could end up costing more. If, for instance, you make an error, you could end up facing a lengthy court battle to have the error corrected. This can cost a lot of money.

Skipping Crucial Steps

The divorce process involves a lot of crucial steps. Because you do not possess the level of knowledge an attorney has, you may skip some of these steps, which might delay your divorce. Missing crucial steps during the divorce process can even result in your case being dismissed.

Getting Less Than You Deserve

If you handle your divorce case alone, you may receive less than you deserve. Without an attorney, it might be hard to outline your desired divorce terms clearly. Also, without an attorney to guide you, you may not realize that a deal is unfair until it is too late.

Contact a New Jersey Divorce Attorney

If you need help with your New Jersey divorce, contact our qualified and dedicated New Jersey divorce lawyers at Citizen Soldier Law.

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