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Total Disability Individual Unemployability – Compensation for 100% Even Without Conditions that Add to 100%

Or TDIU, can be an important consideration when considering your Disability Evaluation System military injuries.

Your DOD processing, the MEB and the ultimate rating from the PEB may be immaterial, if you achieve what the VA requires for a 100% “extraschedular” evaluation.

Extraschedular means even though your actual percentages from the VASRD do not reach 100%, you are granted 100% for TDIU or some other reason.  Inability to work is very significant and the VA grants TDIU for a number of circumstances:

Step 1 (threshold requirement)

  1. One of your conditions is rated at 60%, or
  2. One of your conditions is rated at 40% but when combined with a total of 70% VA rating

Step 2

Are you prevented from securing employment or “substantially gainful occupation” due to VA rated conditions and service connection?

The fact that you are rated for Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI will be a consideration and can be helpful.

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