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National Guard And Reserve Personnel And Phony Vaccination For COVID 19

Hire a former experienced Judge Advocate, over thirty years of military experience and a former NJ Assistant Prosecutor in major cities, such as Elizabeth and Newark.  Protect your retirement from this Emergency use authorization phony injection, as called by the Biden cabal, a vaccine.

Remember that you are entitled to a minimum level of due process if you have less than six years of service.  You can still prevail.  You must make a record in case you need to use a petition to the Board of Corrections for your branch of service.

CONTESTED ADMINISTRATIVE SEPARATION BOARD – 6 or more years of service you are entitled to call witnesses, confront and cross-examine any witnesses that the military might call and you can testify yourself.  You are also entitled to call religious or medical or scientific experts on your behalf to defend yourself, preserve your career, your pension, your healthcare benefits and most importantly, your honor.

Call the lawyers and paralegals, all of whom are military veterans, to learn more about your rights.

If your branch’s Legal Assistance JAGs won’t assist you, call us.  You are not alone.  We will help you and have already been fortunate to have successfully assisted all of our clients in this area of law although that is not a guarantee of success in your case.

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