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CitizenSoldierLaw’s Take On Combat-Related Special Compensation

Are You Eligible?

You must be retired, have a VA rating of at least 10% and currently have your DoD retirement payments reduced by the amount of your VA disability payments.

It is an evidence-based system

Engaged in armed conflict (in combat or during an occupation or raid), or 

  • Instrumentality of war, simulated combat
  • Hazardous duty (handling explosives, involved in demolition, use of  parachutes or flying as a crew chief or pilot
  • Combatives training, live fire, hand to hand combat training
  • Use of an instrument of war caused injury, such as naval equipment on deck, Bradleys, tanks, artillery injuries or even use of chemical agents
  • Awards

You’ll need your military records and statements in support.  Never send originals, which is a rule for life, I have learned as a lawyer.  We can help you find all of your records but certainly include the basics, DD-214 and awards about your combat service.

You Can Receive Retroactive back payments for CRSC?

To receive full back pay, your claim must be filed within 6 years of your VA rating or when you became entitled to retired pay (which ever one comes first).  If your claim is filed after 6 years you may only be entitled to 6 years of any payments due.

 If you need to request Reconsideration

You can retain us for advice on completing your DD Form 2860 and we’ll do our best to give you the best chance of prevailing the first time.  If you need to have your branch of service reconsider a denial, we really urge you to call us.  Applying for a third time, even with a lawyer, after two denials, is not necessarily the “Charm.”


DD Form 2860, Claim for Combat- Related Special Compensation (CRSC), July 2011 (whs.mil)

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