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GRAP Fiasco Takes a Positive Turn – We’ll Need to Reach Out to Former Clients Wrongly Charged

You can get an expungement and there are legislative proposals pending to make the system better. Give us a call if you think you need a legal advisor.

Along those lines, lo and behold, there will be further review of 1000s of cases that targeted both currently serving or former National Guard and Reserve soldiers. These investigations were wasteful, unprofessional and destroyed careers. Allegations of fraud began a decade ago and often resulted in reservists’ names wrongly added to a criminal database or Criminal Case History even though the targets were never charged with a crime.

Army Criminal Investigation Division made the announcement last week. The Army National Guard Recruiting Assistance Program and a different system in the Army Reserve are the focus.

Recruiters were assisted during difficult recruiting times and and non-recruiters were able to earn $2,000 for referrals. The pay was awarded if the referral went to basic training and was known as G-RAP

Yes there were dishonest recruiters but the investigations were not professionally undertaken.

CID erred in referring soldiers to the criminal database and there isn’t a federal expungement system.

The FBI criminal database needs to correct errors. The Defense Department database needs to be corrected also.

Soldiers can learn more at the below websites or contact us.

Department of the Army CID

Army: Errors Made, Soldiers Harmed in G-RAP Probe | National Association of United States


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