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5 Common Myths About Slip And Fall Cases That Keep Accident Victims From Pursuing Compensation


Statistics indicate that over one million people visit the emergency room annually due to slip and fall accidents in the United States. Slip and fall accidents happen for a variety of reasons and in a variety of circumstances. One of the reasons why slip and fall accidents happen is negligence. Some property owners do not maintain their property in such a manner that creates a safe environment for people who visit their property. If you recently slipped and fell and injured yourself in New Jersey on a property because of the property owner’s negligence, you may have the right to file a slip and fall claim and recover compensation.

Sadly, only a tiny fraction of those injured in slip-and-fall accidents pursue compensation. One of the main reasons for this is the myths that exist about slip and fall cases. The following are some of the myths that exist about slip and fall cases that you need to avoid falling for;

Myth #1: You Cannot Recover Compensation if You Slipped and Fell on Public Property

False: You can recover compensation after slipping and falling and suffering an injury on public property. Private entities own some public properties, and even if a government entity owns the public property where you slipped and fell and injured yourself, you can still file a claim. However, when filing a claim against the government, there are certain procedures you must follow. For example, when bringing a claim against the government, you must file a Notice of Claim within a certain amount of time.

Myth #2: You Cannot Recover Compensation if You Are Partially at Fault

False: This is only true if you are more at fault than the property owner. You can still recover compensation if you are not more than fifty percent to blame for your New Jersey slip and fall accident. However, if you are partially at fault, your damages will be reduced by the percentage of your responsibility.

Myth #3: You Have To Appear in Court Frequently

False: Many slip-and-fall accident cases never make it to the courtroom. Many slip-and-fall accident cases are settled through out-of-court negotiations. A qualified NJ personal injury attorney can help you with the negotiations. And even if your case proceeds to court, you will likely only have to appear in the courtroom occasionally.   

Myth #4: If You Do Not File Your Claim Immediately, You’ve Lost Your Chance

False: There is a time limit for filing a slip and fall claim in New Jersey, but you don’t have to act immediately. In NJ, you have two years from the date of your accident to file your slip and fall claim.

However, this is not to say that you should wait to file your claim. It is best to file your slip-and-fall claim as soon as possible to prevent evidence from getting destroyed or altered.

Myth #5: You Can Only Recover Compensation for Medical Expenses

False: In New Jersey, you can recover compensation for many other damages. These damages include;

  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Punitive damages

Contact Citizen Soldier Law

If you suffered an injury in a slip and fall accident in New Jersey because of a property owner’s negligence, contact the New Jersey personal injury lawyers at Citizen Soldier Law at 973-937-6010 to schedule a consultation and discuss your case.



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