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Monthly Archives: February 2024

Grim Reaper is Undefeated

By Citizen Soldier Law |

In the case of the young lady who recently lost her veteran/claimant/spouse, she can recover his benefits and entitlement in what is known as an “accrued claim.”  She must be able to prove one year of marriage at the time of death, continuous cohabitation with the veteran during the marriage or analogous relationship and… Read More »

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Board of Nursing and Board of Pharmacy Licensing – NJ Board of Consumer Affairs – Drunk Driving and Other Arrests

By Citizen Soldier Law |

When you have an allegation of misconduct, it is typically advisable to notify the Board. Here is the consensus from a number of our colleagues in cases where they and we have represented licensees and where they have done so.  Nurses have similar reporting issues for DWI arrests and other criminal allegations, as other… Read More »

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