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Grim Reaper is Undefeated

In the case of the young lady who recently lost her veteran/claimant/spouse, she can recover his benefits and entitlement in what is known as an “accrued claim.”  She must be able to prove one year of marriage at the time of death, continuous cohabitation with the veteran during the marriage or analogous relationship and no remarriage after the veteran’s death.

As it relates to DoD Integrated Disability Processing, MEBs and PEBs, this is a more complicated question that we have not yet encountered.  We hope that it does not happen either.

In additions to entitled to the benefits of the accrued claim, a widow who is the survivor in the case of VA benefits will be entitled to Dependents Indemnity Compensation as a surviving spouse and perhaps a death pension.  She’ll need the death certificate, DD-214.

The form that need to be submitted to the VA is a 21P-534.

Who is the psycho who develops the labels for these forms?

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