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Monthly Archives: November 2022

NJ Law Journal

Lawyers Can Thank Veterans Throughout Our Profession

By Citizen Soldier Law |

Veterans Day was this past Friday. As lawyers, how do we properly thank a veteran for their service? One way is to make it a question during your intake process. When we represent a veteran in any practice area, ask whether they are benefiting from the compensation they may have earned or whether they… Read More »

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GRAP Fiasco Takes a Positive Turn – We’ll Need to Reach Out to Former Clients Wrongly Charged

By Citizen Soldier Law |

You can get an expungement and there are legislative proposals pending to make the system better. Give us a call if you think you need a legal advisor. Along those lines, lo and behold, there will be further review of 1000s of cases that targeted both currently serving or former National Guard and Reserve… Read More »

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