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Monthly Archives: February 2021



By Citizen Soldier Law |

Kudos to you – it took a lot of time and energy to get where you are today! You are now financially well off, have enough to send your children to college but you don’t want to stay married, however you’d like to come out of the divorce in the best financial situation possible…. Read More »

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Can I get a divorce during COVID-19?

By Citizen Soldier Law |

Even though things have been far from normal during these last three months, you can still get divorced in New Jersey. Just like businesses have had to adapt to these changing times, our State government has had to do the same.  Our Judiciary has been open during this pandemic and has been conducting most… Read More »

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By Citizen Soldier Law |

When parties are in the midst of a divorce, one bone of contention can be debt.  In many situations, high debt can be a major contributing factor to divorce. The general rule is marital debt is any debt incurred during the marriage for the benefit of the marriage. There are various types of debt… Read More »

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