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Monthly Archives: January 2021


How Department of Veterans Affairs Decision Reviews Work

By Citizen Soldier Law |

If you received a decision from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that you disagree with, you have the right to further review.  The review process through Department of Veterans Affairs is has recently been updated. You will want a skilled Veterans Law Attorney who has experience handling VA claims. At Citizen Soldier Law,… Read More »

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Misconduct Allegations: Preserve Your Sacrifices as a Reserve Troop

By Citizen Soldier Law |

Protect your career and what to do if you are a suspect On three occasions, different whack jobs made spurious allegations against me.  Each time I was cleared.  Each time, I retained experienced counsel.  None were related to sexual harassment, I will add.  However, allegations of sexual misconduct are on the rise throughout our… Read More »

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Do I Need a Lawyer for an Article 15 Hearing?

By Citizen Soldier Law |

Article  15 UCMJ, otherwise known as non-judicial punishment (NJP) provides for a commander to take action against you for a  minor infractions or misconduct. No matter what branch of the military you are in, it’s understandable to be worried and anxious if there is a pending adverse action against you. While Article 15 is… Read More »

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