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Requiring COVID-19 “Vaccines” Does Not Rely On Science

By Thomas Roughneen, Esq.

(This article does not constitute legal advice.  You must contact a lawyer to fully understand the law and how it applies to the facts of your case)

Know your rights.  These are bizarre times with those in charge acting irrationally.   This is, for now, administering experimental drugs that are only approved using emergency procedures.  That is a temporary problem, though, as undoubtedly the FDA will approve these billion dollar money making products.  Pfizer and the others had record-breaking profits last quarter and that was not easy to achieve in light of past, massive, revenue numbers.

Personal Injury Lawyers Can Not Sue on Your Behalf – Now How Does that Happen?

If you are injured from these injections, which the government admits do not provide “immunity,” you do not have the right to sue the pharmaceutical manufacturer.  That should get your attention.  You can only file a claim against the government with limited rights to recover.

Protect your children from this abuse in addition to yourself.  After 32 years of military service, enlisted, commissioned and after spending the second half of those years as an Army Judge Advocate, please consider contacting us about your rights.   Irrespective of service branch, you have a right to a contested administrative hearing (if you have six years of service or more) and can call your own medical expert.  You have a right to a court-martial before a judge or military court-martial panel, should you be notified of a criminal investigation and possible criminal UCMJ charges.  If you have six or more years of service, contact us or your services “Legal Assistance” office to learn more about your due process protections.

You have the right to remain silent according to UCMJ Article 31(b). It provides greater protection than the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution.  Exercise that right and do not compromise.  Silence means keep your mouth shut.  Your buddies, chain of command are not your friend.  Even the chaplain, in many cases, need not keep confidential what you say to them unless certain requirements are met.

Do not email from your .mil accounts as you have no right to privacy and your social media offers only very limited privacy, whether you use google, microsoft or any other provider.

Kentucky Rep. Massie: Soldiers will quit if COVID vaccine required. Big debate ensues

Attribution to Rayleigh Deaton, July 6, 2021 (Lexington Herald Leader)

Kentucky GOP Rep. Thomas Massie took heat and won praise over the Fourth of July weekend for tweeting that “members of our voluntary military” contacted him, threatening to “quit” if ordered to take a COVID-19 vaccination.

As of Tuesday, the Saturday tweet had more than 8,700 likes and more than 17,000 comments, sparking ongoing debates in 280 characters among respondents.

While some agreed with Massie, others noted that other vaccinations are required for all military personnel and quitting the military is considered being absent without leave. The congressman from Lewis County represents Northern Kentucky.

Massie’s tweet followed his June 14 introduction of H.R. 3860, which would prohibit mandatory COVID vaccines for members of the Armed Forces. As of Tuesday, the bill has 23 cosponsors, all members of the Republican Party.

Twitter user and Army veteran @VictorB123 replied, “I have been vaccinated against diseases that have probably never been seen before in the US. It was *required* that I receive them. This politicking with Covid is not only stupid, it is dangerous to our national security.”

Another Twitter user, @TinResistAgain, said that while he was General of the Continental Army, George Washington inoculated his troops against the smallpox outbreak.

Massie kept tweeting Monday and Tuesday, saying, “NO ONE should be forced or coerced by ANYONE to take the COVID vaccine. The fact that policy discussions in the US are centered around “proof of vaccine” instead of ‘evidence of immunity’ shows that science and reason have been drummed out by politics, profits, and superstition.”

The Army Times reported that commands have been ordered to prepare to administer mandatory vaccines as early as September. Kentucky is home to Fort Knox and Fort Campbell as well as National Guard units.

Some discussion centered around whether soldiers, sailors or Air Force members can “quit.”

According to Findlaw, a member of the military is absent without leave (AWOL) if they abandon an appointed place without authorization or fail to arrive at an appointed place. Desertion occurs if they leave without intent to return or if they are AWOL for 30 days.

Although punishment varies depending on the severity of the offense, it often entails “forfeiture of pay and confinement,” according to Findlaw.

Twitter comments also cited the Uniform Code of Military Justice Article 92, which says that military personnel who do not obey an order or regulation or who are derelict in their duties are subject to a court-martial, according to Cornell Law School.

Massie noted those contacting him were members of the “volunteer military.” According to the Selective Service System, the lottery system was last used in March 1975. Since then, service in the Armed Forces has been voluntary.

KY congressman sets off Twitter over military COVID vaccines | Lexington Herald Leader (kentucky.com)

Attribution to Meghann Myers, Military Times.  May 3rd, 2021

25th service member dies of COVID-19 as White House considers mandatory vaccines

An active-duty senior non-commissioned officer is the 25th service member to die of COVID-19, the Navy confirmed Monday.

Senior Chief Fire Controlman Michael Wilson, 45, assigned to Information Warfare Training Command Virginia Beach, Virginia, died of coronavirus-related complications on Thursday, spokeswoman Lt. Cmdr. Patricia Kreuzberger told Military Times. He tested positive and was hospitalized the previous Sunday.

“We mourn the loss of our shipmate; our thoughts and prayers are with the Sailor’s family, friends and coworkers during this difficult time,” she said in a statement.

The death is the first reported since late February, when four sailors died within weeks of each other. That was the military’s deadliest month of the pandemic so far, with five deaths followed by nearly two months without any.

Though the Army has been hardest hit by deaths, primarily in its reserve component, the Navy has had the most active-duty deaths of the services, totaling five since a chief petty officer assigned to the beleaguered carrier Theodore Roosevelt died in July.

DoD began vaccinating personnel in mid-December, starting with medical and other frontline staff before moving on to critical national security units, deploying troops and seniors.

Nearly 35 percent of service members are either partially or fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to DoD numbers updated Monday.

The White House is exploring the possibility of making the vaccine mandatory during its current Food and Drug Administration emergency use authorization period, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told an audience at the Aspen Security Forum event on Friday.

Legally, vaccines that haven’t reached full FDA approval cannot be mandatory for troops, unless the president intervenes.

“That is something the Department of Defense is looking at in consultation with the interagency process,” Sullivan said. “We don’t have anything to add on that subject here today.”

His comments came within hours of NBC airing an interview with President Joe Biden in which he said he would leave the decision up to the military whether to make the vaccine mandatory after it is fully approved, though that would be standard operating procedure.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told Military Times on Monday that he wasn’t aware of any discussions between DoD and the White House as to the advisability of making the vaccines mandatory immediately.

“We continue to be focused on informing and educating our men and women to make the best decisions for them, and their families and for their teammates,” adding that the department is seeing more buy-in as more of its members are vaccinated.

It would be Biden’s call to make the vaccine mandatory during the emergency use authorization period, but Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s decision to require them after full FDA approval.

In the mean time, cases have continued to climb steadily in the military, up to 190,218 service members as of Monday, or 8 percent of the active-duty and reserve components.

Of those 1,669 have been hospitalized, while 183, 392 are considered recovered.

25th service member dies of COVID-19 as White House considers mandatory vaccines (militarytimes.com)

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