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Other Than Honorable Discharged Upgraded to Honorable!

When stress piles up in a person’s life, it can often lead to uncharacteristic behavior.  Soldiers lead especially stressful lives and often experience mental health issues such as PTSD, depression and anxiety.  Left untreated, these issues can result in misconduct and a less than honorable discharge.

The military Veterans at Citizen Soldier Law recently had such a Gentleman come to us for help.  The Soldier had received an Other Than Honorableor “OTH” discharge from the United States Army.  Our attorneys evaluated the Soldier’s situation and discovered that the chain of command had ignored the Soldier’s mental health issues when deciding on separation.  Our attorneys presented the Soldier’s case to the United States Army Discharge Review Board, arguing that untreated mental health issues were the root cause of the Soldier’s misconduct and that the Army should have provided treatment rather than moving directly to separation. The Discharge Review Board agreed and the Soldier’s discharge was upgraded to HONORABLE. The Secretary of the Army issued the upgrade and order with a DD-215.

This success story illustrates the importance of having experienced military legal advocates, retired Judge Advocates (JAGs) and Army Human Resources-trained retired NCOs on your side when attempting to correct adverse military records.  Citizen Soldier Law is proud to have been able to help this deserving Soldier.

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