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Due Process for Midshipmen and Cadets in Academic, Aptitude, Physical or Medical Boards

Whether as part of a scholarship at Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) assignments or an assignment at a Service Academy and even for non-scholarship ROTC cadets, as I was at Rutgers decades ago, there are procedures that must be followed.  When a lawyer is not defending you, we have seen units take short cuts. We have learned from experience in these cases that you need a military-experienced lawyer, with a Judge Advocate (JAG) litigation background and effective advocacy, to achieve the best possible result.

Doing so can prevent the military from running you over, as if by a steam roller.  Your leadership and unit may seem like they are out to get you.  However, they may not have all of the evidence.  Of course, they may be biased against you as well and we can assist in ferreting out those features of your case as well.

Let us be your guide with nearly 100 years of military experience behind you.  We have successfully ended the military’s efforts to seek recoupment in numerous cases, when that was recommended.

In a recent case, the Performance Review Board (PRB) originally recommended leave of absence pending disenrollment when there were significant medical issues.  We sought a medical review through BUMED, the Navy remanded the case and the new PRB recommended differently than the Marine Colonel’s original recommendation for recoupment.  This was a monumental turn of events worth at least $150,000.00 for this Midshipman’s family who was suffering from a severe and previously undiagnosed disease.

Not only that, the Senior Member of the Board proposed the Midshipman serving with a medical waiver.

If you visit our “Contact Us” page, complete the privileged and confidential form, we’ll review your intake for free and either consult with you or at least provide feedback.  Regrettably, you are not entitled to government-appointed counsel for these types of matters to my knowledge, but you should always seek Legal Assistance from a uniformed or government attorney.  They may provide free advice.

We exist to defend those who defend America.  Our doctor (MD) on staff or those medical experts with whom we work regularly also provide a tremendous ally for your case, when appropriate.

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