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Air Force Physical Evaluation Board: An Overview


The Air Force PEB is a fact-finding body that investigates the nature, origin, degree of impairment, and probable permanence of the physical or mental defect or condition of any member whose case it evaluates.  The disability system provides for two PEBs: an informal PEB and a Formal PEB.  The Informal PEB is located at Randolph AFB, TX while the Formal PEB is located at Lackland AFB, TX.  You do not attend the informal PEB.  After the informal PEB you will be asked to sign and Air Force Form 1180 to tell the PEB if you agree with the findings or not.

If you disagree with a finding of fit, you will need to write a justification for why you would like a formal PEB and submit that justification with the Air Force Form-1180.  Formal PEBS for findings of fit for duty are not guaranteed.  If you are found unfit you do not need to provide justification for a formal PEB.  You may contact the legal office at Lackland AFB to have a lawyer assigned to your case.  You may also chose to hire an experience civilian attorney who can dedicate their time and efforts to your case.  When you appear before a Formal PEB, you may present evidence, testimony and documents to support your case.  It is critical that you adequately prepare your matter before appearing.

The formal PEB will either uphold the informal PEB or recommend different findings.  You will then be notified or the Formal PEB’s findings.  If you agree your case is sent to the Physical Disability Division at Headquarters, Air Force Personnel Command, for finalization.  If the AFPC feels it is in your best interest it may forward your case to the Secretary of the Air Force Personnel Council (SAFPC).

If you disagree with the Formal PEB you have 10 days to submit a rebuttal to the Formal PEB for forward to the SAFPC.

Even if you are separated and retired without receiving what you believe was a correct outcome in your case you may appeal the decision by applying to the Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records.  The burden of proof is on you before the AFBCMR.

The governing rules and policies can be found in Air Force Instruction 36-3212.  If you are currently going through a MEB or PEB contact us today for help.  If you feel that your case was decided in error and wish to appeal to the AFBCMR, attorneys are available to assist in presenting your case to the Board.  Contact us today.

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