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Steve Austin

Steve AustinIf ever there was a trusted representative from our enlisted Army and a personnel resource, Steve is it. As a retired NJ Guard JAG lawyer and owner and founder of CitizenSoldierLaw, recruiting and persuading Steve to join our team of Veterans was a coup. Even though he retired as a First Sergeant over two years ago, countless NJ Guard troops still call him for assistance. I advised him to change the phone number which is what my two younger Blackhawk helicopter-flying brothers did when they left the NJ Army National Guard and transferred to the United States Army Reserve.

Steve served for 28 years in numerous administrative, logistics, and leadership positions and served in Afghanistan. His specialty is in medical administration with experience in Lines of Duty (LODs), Incapacitation Pay (INCAP), Reserve Component Managed Care (RCMC), for those who are mobilizing or mobilized in a training, Annual Training (AT) or Inactive Active Duty for Training (IATD), LOD medical bills and Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES). There are few, if any, people on the planet with this combination of skills.

I advocated for NJ Army National Guard Soldiers as a JAG and in private practice with Steven when he was on the government side and he was always caring, competent, efficient and diligent.

He also served as the First Sergeant of the NJ Army National Guard Medical Management Unit where all the Soldiers going through IDES were attached. Prior to that he was Detachment Sergeant for the Medical Detachment where (Periodic Health Assessments) PHAs are conducted. Steve attended the Medical Actions Course run by National Guard Bureau so that he could become the subject matter expert in the field for the state of New Jersey.

As a Senior (Non-Commissioned Officer) NCO, Steve has held numerous roles during his career. He attended DEOMI and is a trained Equal Opportunity (EO) Advisor and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) advisor. He taught numerous EO courses to leadership and taught the Equal Opportunity Leadership course in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. As a trained EOA and EEO, Steve was tasked with conducting and overseeing EO complaints and advised command on how to resolve the issues.

Recently, Steve has completed the Administrative Office Professional Program at American Institute with a 4.0 GPA and was top of his class. He has an Associate Degree from Brookdale Community college and additional credits at Kean University.

I am very confident that with him, and the rest of our Veteran-laden team, we will achieve excellent results for you and your family.

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